Current Rules & Regulations

The Club is affiliated to Snowsport England and the North West Ski Federation.

Aims and objectives

The aims and objectives of the Club are to:

  • Provide a link between Club members and Chill Factore;
  • Represent the coaching needs of its members to Chill Factore;
  • Co-ordinate the Club within the local community and within the skiing community;
  • Ensure a duty of care to all members of the Club;
  • Provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone.

Club Officers of the Committee

The officers of the Club have been elected from the adult skiing members or associate members at the Annual General Meeting, and they will form the Management Committee. The Management Committee will be responsible for amongst other things:

  • Representing the needs and opinions of the skiers to Chill Factore;
  • Agreeing policy, codes of practice and procedures to Chill Factore;
  • Appointing working groups as necessary;
  • Inviting and non-members to a Management meeting for a specific agenda item;
  • Filling any vacancies that arise on the committee prior to an AGM;
  • Agreeing the level of membership subscriptions.

Chill Factore retain the right to set the timing and duration of training sessions and associated slope fees.

The committee consists of:

  • Chair.
  • Vice Chair.
  • Secretary.
  • Treasurer.
  • Child Protection Officer.
  • Head Coach or deputy.
  • Chill Factore representative – nominated by Chill Factore.

Membership fees

Membership fees will be set annually and agreed by the Management Committee. The initial joining fee for skiing members will include a training fleece (other clothing will be available to purchase), SnowSport England Club registration and a small administration fee. Subsequent fees will be limited to cover SnowSport England Club registration and a small administration fee. The yearly fee for associate members will cover SnowSport England Club registration and a small administration fee. Skiers can train with the Club 'without' Club membership but do not have the right to be represented by the Club or the right to vote at the AGM.

Club membership fees are separate from all Chill Factore fees. In order to receive discounted ski sessions, members must still take out Chill Factore membership.

Sponsorship opportunities may be offered by Chill Factore to any racer on a yearly basis. This is outside of the remit of the club and selection of racers to receive sponsorship remains the responsibility of Chill Factore.

Discipline and appeals

All concerns, allegations or reports of poor practice/abuse relating to the welfare of children and young people will be recorded and responded to swiftly and appropriately in accordance with the Club’s child protection policy and procedures. The Clubs Child Protection Officer is the lead contact for all members in the event of any child protection concerns. Any concerns relating to coaches must be brought to the attention of a committee member and will be raised directly with Chill Factore. Any complaints regarding the behaviour of members should be presented and submitted in writing to the Club Secretary and these will be dealt with by the club committee within 2 weeks of it being lodged, and act accordingly. This could lead to termination of membership with the Club. Liaison will take place with the Chill Factore representative if any member is excluded from the club and this may result in that member not being able to attend race training sessions.

Code of practice for parents/carers

As a club, Manchester Ski Racing at Chill Factore, are committed to ensuring that your child is able to train in a safe environment, free from verbal and physical aggression. It is essential that, as parents and carers, you help us to maintain this safe environment by:

  • encouraging your child to learn the rules of the slope and racing and staying within them;
  • supporting your child’s involvement in ski racing and helping them to enjoy the sport;
  • informing coaches of any health matters which may affect your child’s ability to train/race;
  • inviting and non-members to a Management meeting for a specific agenda item;
  • discouraging unfair play and arguing with officials, including coaches; officials judgments must be publicly accepted;
  • helping your child to recognise good performance, not just good results;
  • never punishing or belittling your child for making mistakes, not racing to their ability or losing;
  • never forcing your child to take part in the training or racing sessions;
  • using correct and proper language at all times;
  • encouraging your child to accept responsibility for their own performance and behaviour.

Parents & carers should act as a role model by setting a good example in recognising fair play and good performance of all athletes.

Code of practice for members

The Race Club is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all its members.

Anybody associated with the club should show respect and understanding for the safety and welfare of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with either the coaches or the Child Welfare Officers.

As a training member of the race club you are expected to abide by the following code of practice.

You must:

  • abide by the rules of the slope;
  • never cause harm or endanger anyone as a result of negligence or bad behaviour;
  • display consistently high standards of behaviour;
  • show respect to the coach’s and volunteer’s decisions;
  • respect the rights and dignity of all racers regardless of age, gender, ability,
  • race, cultural background, religious beliefs or sexual identity;
  • have good timekeeping and attend the full training sessions, including the warm up and drills;
  • wear suitable training/race kit as agreed by the coaches;
  • pay any fees promptly;
  • never smoke or consume alcohol or drugs whilst representing the club at competitions;
  • make sure that your equipment is fit for purpose.


The following procedures are put in place by Chill Factore (CFe), supported by Manchester Ski Racing (for our events) to ensure a smooth running of the races, Please note these are CFe and not the clubs procedures and failure to follow these may result in a racers lift pass for the slope being rescinded.

  • All racers will be issued with a ticket/lift pass which should be used to access the slope through the air lock. Jumping over, climbing past or ducking under the turnstiles is not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Coaches who wish to accompany their racers for course inspection should obtain a lift pass from the race office which should be used to access the slope through the air lock. Jumping over, climbing past or ducking under the turnstiles is not allowed under any circumstances.

  • Race bibs must be worn at all times when in the changing village or snow side. They should be worn correctly and the number clearly visible to confirm your eligibility to be there.

  • Please do not leave skis at the bottom of the slope but they can be left in the area adjacent to the snow play park in the racks, the race office or along the back wall of the race side of the main slope. Any skis not left in the designated areas will be removed by Chill Factore staff or race officials and may result in your lift pass being withdrawn.

  • As the general public are also using the changing area please do not leave kit, skis or belongings on the benches or in the changing cubicles within the changing village. There will be an area within the race office where you will be able to put your ski boots on/off. Belongings can be left in the designated area within the race office; however Chill Factore or Manchester Ski Racing accept responsibility for valuables left unattended.

  • Racers must only use the changing facilities identified by CFe. This is normally the left side of the changing village.

  • Spectators and competitors when not competing can wait and view the race from the Sports Bar or the balcony.

  • All of the food and drink outlets within the Chill Factore are franchised and not run by the Chill Factore . Please do not consume your food and beverages within any of the tenants own café or restaurant seating areas. Please do not use the tables outside their premises to ‘set up camp’ .

  • No food or drink is to be taken to the slope.

  • Ski preparation is not permitted anywhere within the Chill Factore building

  • Ski boots are not allowed anywhere on the first floor.

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